University Graduates Football Union

UGFU Rules

1 - The UGFU only accept Football 11 teams formed by University Graduates, whose name, account to any other university,
or any department thereof, or any university graduates club.

2 - The registration fees are free to participed in the tournaments organized by the UGFU.

3 - Squads for Teams shall consist only of players who can prove their status as University Graduates.

4 - The Teams will be formed only for players over 30 years.

5 - The UGFU accept only 3 University Graduates players under 30 years in the squads of teams.

6 - The UGFU accept only 3 players over 30 years Non University Graduates in the squads of teams.

7 - The UGFU also can integrate Teams that do not belong to any association with UGFU accepted standards, but nevertheless,
their members meet the standards of the UGFU.

8 - Before each game, teams must submit a list of players, with squad number, personal identification document, and university degree.

9 - The competitions organized by UGFU can not play "selections" representing an association.

10 - The University Graduates Champions Cup played the best teams in the Leagues of Associations accepted by the UGFU,
and invited teams of university graduates.

11 - The University Graduates Cup played invited teams of university graduates,except those who play
the Champions Cup in the same season.

12 - The UGFU in any case it reserves the right to accept or not any team, if the organization does not consider
appropriate participation in a tournament.